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If you received a homestead exemption for your April 1, 2019 Maine residence then you can expect to receive a check sometime in February 2020. This comes courtesy of a new tax relief program that began in 2019, established by P.L. 2019 Chapter 445, as proposed in LD 1713 “An Act to Return Funds to Maine Property Tax Payers”. This legislation requires the Maine Office of the State Treasurer to provide a tax relief payment to qualifying homesteads when the Property Tax Relief Fund reaches a threshold of funding to support such payments when the available funds divided by the number of homesteads is enough to provide a payment of no less than $100 per homestead. The program is administered by the State Treasurer with information provided by municipal assessors.

The assessor has the responsibility to supply complete, accurate information. Please contact me to confirm that your name and address on file is correct. This is most important for home owners who may have moved since April 1, 2019. Only the assessor may update this information with the Office of the State Treasurer and incorrect information will delay your tax relief payment. I am preparing Caribou’s list now so please call as soon as possible!

Additionally, if you have moved from the residence you occupied as a homestead eligible property on April 1, 2019 please contact your local assessor about applying for a homestead exemption at your new address. The Homestead Exemption increases to an exemption of $25,000 of property value in 2020. Furthermore, if the threshold for the Property Tax Relief Fund is reached again in 2020 – it will trigger another tax relief payment for qualifying homesteads. Taxpayers in the City of Caribou are encouraged to contact:

Penny Thompson, Tax Assessor

City of Caribou

25 High Street

Caribou Maine 04736

direct phone number: (207) 493 – 5961

** If you reach my voice mail, please leave me a message **