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Tax Assessment

Caribou Municipal Building
25 High Street
Caribou, Maine 04736
Phone: (207) 493-3324
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Fax: (207) 498-3954
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The office is located in the Caribou Municipal Building at 25 High Street. Assessment information is available including tax maps, valuation listings, property record cards, aerial photos, commitment books and real estate transfer tax forms. These may be examined during regular business hours and copies are available for a reasonable fee.

Department Staff:

Penny Thompson, RES, CMA-IV

Tax Assessor
Building Official

Tony K. Michaud, CMA

Deputy Tax Assessor
Deputy Building Official

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General Tax Information

Tax Rate 2020: 23.55

Interest Begins: October 1, 2020

Interest Rate: 8%

Fiscal Year: January 1 – December 31, 2020

Tax Situs Day: April 1

Commitment Date: July 20, 2020

Assessment Ratio: 100%

2020 General Office Information

Historical Mil Rate and Valuation Information

Property Tax Relief

Certain classes of property are exempt from taxation within the state statutes (examples: government property, churches) and the Maine State Legislature has also granted property relief to individuals and businesses through exemptions, current use programs and reimbursements. The amount of tax relief provided by these programs change over time. All exemptions must be factored by the City of Caribou’s certified ratio (currently 100%). Forms are available online and at the office. Applications for real estate tax relief are due April 1 of the tax year. Forms received after April 1 will be considered for the next year.

Form Downloads

Real Estate Exemptions:

Real Estate Current Use:

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Commitment Books 

2020 Real Estate Commitment Book

2020 Personal Property Commitment Book


Digital Copies of Tax Maps

Maine GeoLibrary Maps


Transfer Tax Declarations

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Mission Statement

It is the goal of the tax assessment office to identify and appraise property within the City of Caribou and ensure the fairness and equity of all real and personal property values; thoughtfully interpret and comply with statutory laws as mandated by the State of Maine; create and maintain accurate maps used to provide geographic data analysis; process all recorded legal documents in a timely manner to reflect accurate records of property ownership; and to efficiently provide the public and our co-workers with high quality products and services, created in a supportive work environment, encouraging cooperation, honesty, integrity and respect.