The Most Northeastern City in the United States.


Caribou Municipal Building
25 High Street
Caribou, Maine 04736
Lisa Plourde, Executive Director
Phone: (207) 493-4234
Fax: (207) 376-0178

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Becoming an HCV Landlord is easy.

If you agree to lease your unit to an CHA participant, you and the tenant must complete and return the preliminary paperwork to CHA.  CHA will review this paperwork and schedule an inspection of the unit. If the unit and the rent are approved, the owner and CHA execute a Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract. Screening of potential tenants is your responsibility as owner/property manager, CHA cannot guarantee or recommend the suitability of any tenant.

Step 1: Agree on Rent

If you choose to rent to a family with a Voucher, complete the Landlord Package and have the family hand deliver the package back to CHA.  With the package in hand, CHA will calculate the rent to see if the unit is affordable for the family.

  • When a family with a voucher is entering into a new lease for a new unit, the family cannot pay more than 40% of their monthly adjusted income for rent.  Some families with a Voucher can afford more expensive units than other Voucher holder.

Step 2:  Schedule the Inspection

After CHA has calculated the family’s percentage of the rent, and has come to an agreement on the official rent price, an inspection will be scheduled.

Step 3: Sign the Lease 

Once the rent is agreed on and the unit passes inspection, you will sign a lease with the family. A copy of the executed lease must be given to the Caribou Housing Authority

  • The lease is written agreement between you and the family.  

Step 4: Sign the Housing Assistance Payments Contract 

The Housing Assistance Payments Contract is your agreement with CHA.  It guarantees you the subsidy payment and other benefits as long as the family remains in the unit and the unit remains in compliance with the  Housing Quality Standards (HQS) regulations.  

Step 5: Your Tenant Moves In!