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As a Landlord (or Property Owner of a rental unit), you have the responsibility to provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing to tenants at a reasonable rent.  You are are expected to provide the services agreed to in your lease and in the contract signed with CHA. 

CHA may not allow a Landlord to continue participating in the Section 8 Program if these responsibilities are not met. 


 Tenant Screening and Selection

  • Tenant screening and selection are the responsibility of the Landlord
  • CHA encourages Landlords to consider a family’s background regarding their payment of their rent, care of their unit and premises, and criminal activity.
  • CHA will provide only information that is required by regulations and only if the Landlord requests this information in writing.
  • To assist Landlord in determining applicant suitability, CHA may provide the owner with the name and address, if known, of the landlord at your current unit and prior address (unless your family’s location must be protected due to domestic violence).
  • CHA will not provide prospective Landlords with information about the family’s income, household composition, or past rent payment history.

Receive Approval for Rent Increases

  • Unless the CHA mails a new Rent Breakdown letter, the tenant will only pay their share of rent that the CHA calculates.
  • To request a rent increase you must submit a Rent Increase Form, signed by both you and the tenant, and submit it to CHA at least 60 days before the proposed effective date of the increase.
    • CHA will review proposed rent increases to determine whether they are reasonable.
    • Approvals of all reasonable rent increases will depend on whether CHA funds are available for the increased HAP payment.
    • If CHA approves a rent increase or decrease, then a new rent breakdown letter will be mailed to the tenant and you notifying both the amount and the effective date.

Complying with HAP Contract, Lease, and Tenancy Addendum

  • The Landlord must comply with all provisions of the HAP contract, the lease and the Tenancy Addendum.
  • The Landlord must submit the Landlord Package/RFTA and all required supporting documentation (the tenant may submit this on behalf of the Landlord).
  • The Landlord must notify CHA of any:
    • Rent increase requests
    • Change of ownership
    • Change of owner address

Comply with HQS Requirements

HCV Program regulations require that all unit meets basic Housing Quality Standards (HQS) to ensure the health and safety of program participants. 

Landlord’s responsibilities include:

  • Comply with all HQS requirements except those items specifically assigned to tenants
  • Perform ongoing maintenance
  • When necessary, perform paint stabilization to correct deteriorated paint
  • Disclose know lead-based paint hazards to potential tenants prior to executing a lease
  • Notify tenant each time lead hazard reduction activities are performed
  • Perform all work in according with HUD-prescribed safe work practices

Other Owner Responsibilities

Other Landlord responsibilities include:

  • Routine owner functions:
    • Lease enforcement
    • Maintenance
    • Collect tenant’s share of the rent
    • Charge tenants for damages
  • Comply with Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity requirements
  • Pay for utilities, maintenance, and services, unless they ae paid for by the family under the lease terms


Before the Landlord officially sells a piece of property that is being rented by a Section 8 tenant, the Landlord needs to notify the Caribou Housing Authority.  The CHA may transfer the HAP contract to the new owner at the prior owner’s written request. 

CHA may terminate the HAP contract if the new owner is ineligible; the tenant will then be given the opportunity to search for a new unit.