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(Effective 04/23/2019)

The Administration Plan is required by HUD.  The purpose of the Administration Plan is to establish policies for carrying out the programs in a manner consistent with HUD requirements and local goals and objectives contained in the Caribou Housing Authority’s agency plan.  This administration plan is supporting documentation to the CHA agency plan, and is available for public review as required by CFR 24 Part 903.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Overview of the Program and Plan 

Part I:  The Public Housing Agency (PHA)

Part II:  The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program

Part III:  The HCV Administration Plan

Chapter 2:  Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

Part I:  Nondiscriminattion

Part II:  Policies Related to Persons with Disabilities

Part III:  Prohibition of Discrimination Against Limited English Proficiency Persons

Chapter 3:  Eligibliity

Part I:  Definitions of Family and Household Members

Part II:  Basic Eligibility Criteria

Part III:  Denial of Assistance

Chapter 4:  Applications, Waiting List and Tenant Selection

Part I:  The Application Process

Part II:  Managing the Waiting List

Part III:  Selection for HCV Assistance

Chapter 5:  Briefings and Voucher Issuance

Part I:  Briefing and Family Obligations

Part II:  Subsidy Standards and Voucher Issuance

Chapter 6:  Income and Subsidy Determination

Part I:  Annual Income

Part II:  Adjusted Income

Part III:  Calculating Family Share and PHA Subsidy

Chapter 7:  Verification

Part I:  General Verification Requirements

Part II:  Verifying Family Information

Part III:  VeriyfYing Income and Assets

Part IV:  Verifying Mandatory Deductions

Chapter 8:  Housing Quality Standards and Rent Reasonableness Determination

Part I:  Physical Standards

Part II:  The Inspection Process

Part III:  Rent Reasonableness

Chapter 9:  General Leasing Policies

Chapter 10:  Moving with Continued Assistance and Portability

Part I:  Moving with Continued Assistance

Part II:  Portability

Chapter 11:  Reexaminations

Part I:  Annual Reexamination

Part II:  Interim Reexaminations

Part III:  Recalculating Family Share and Subsidy Amount

Chapter 12:  Termination of Assistance and Tenancy

Part I:  Grounds for Termination of Assistance

Part II:  Approach to Termination of Assistance

Part III:  Termination of Tenancy by The Owner

Chapter 13:  Owners

Part I:  Owners In the HCV Program

Part II:  HAP Contracts

Chapter 14:  Program Integrity

Part I:  Preventing, Detecting, and Investigating Errors and Program Abuse

Part II:  Corrective Measures and Penalties

Chapter 15:  Special Housing Types

Chapter 16:  Program Administration

Part I:  Administrative Fee Reserves

Part II:  Setting Program Standards and Schedules

Part III:  Informal Reviews and Hearings

Part IV:  Owner or Family Debts to the PHA

Part V:  Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP)

Part VI:  Record Keeping

Part VII:  Reporting and Record Keeping for Children with Environmental Intervention Blood Lead Level

Part VIII:  Determination of Insufficient Funding

Part IX:  Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Notification, Documentation, Confidentiality

Chapter 17:  Medical Marijuana Policy

In accordance with HUD Memorandum dated February 7th, 2011, “Medical Marijuana Use in Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Program”.



(Effective 04/23/2019)

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Action Plan is required by HUD.  The purpose of the FSS Action Plan is to establish policies for carrying out the Family Self-Sufficiency Program in a manner consistent with HUD requirements and local goals and objectives contained int eh PHA”s Agency Plan.  The FSS Action Plan is a supporting document to the Caribou Housing Authority’s Agency Plan, is available for public review as required by 24 CFR Part 903.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Family Self-Sufficiency Program and The FSS Action Plan

Part I:  The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program and FSS Action Plan

Part II:  Requirements of the FSS Action Plan

Chapter 2:  Purpose, Scope, and Applicability of the Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Part I:  Purpose and Basic Requirements of the FSS Program

Part II:  Scope of The FSS Program

Part III:  Program Operation

Part IV:  Definitions

Chapter 3:  Program Administration

Part I:  Staffing, Fees and Costs, and On-Site Facilities

Part II:  Program Coordinating Committee

Chapter 4:  Selecting and Serving FSS Families

Part I:  Incentives, Outreach, and Assurance of Noninterference

Part II:  Family Selection

Part III:  Activities and Support Services

Chapter 5:  Contract of Participation

Part I:  Overview and Family Obligations

Part II:  Contract Specifications

Chapter 6:  Escrow Account

Part I:  The Escrow Account

Part II:  Escrow Fund Accounting and Reporting

Chapter 7:  Portability in Housing Choice Voucher FSS Programs

Part I:  Portability in the FSS Program

Part II:  The Effects of Portability on FSS Regulations and Policy