The Most Northeastern City in the United States.

Board of Commissioners

Caribou Municipal Building
25 High St
Caribou, Maine 04736
Phone: (207) 493-4234
Fax: (207) 376-0178



The Caribou Housing Agency’s Board of Commissioners is made up of seven members.  These members are the elected officials that make up the Caribou City Council.

Their responsibilities including setting policies, governing the operations the Agency, charting the direction of current and future programs and development; and approving contracts entered into by the Agency.

The current members of the Board of Commissioners are:

Chairperson, Gary Aiken

Member, David Martin

Member, Shane McDougall 

Member, Joan Theriault 

Member, Philip McDonough II 

Member, Jody Smith 

Member, Timothy Guerrette 



No current meetings scheduled


City of Caribou Housing Authority