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Resident Advisory Board

Caribou Municipal Building
25 High St
Caribou, Maine 04736
Phone: (207) 493-4234
Fax: (207) 376-0178


 The Resident Advisory Board (RAB) provides the Caribou Housing Agency with a forum of sharing information about the Agency Annual Plan.  Section 511 of the United States Housing Act and the regulations in 24 CFR part 903 require that Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) establish one or more Resident Advisory Board (RAB) as part of the PHA Plan process.  RAB members is comprised of individual s who reflect and represent participants assisted by the Housing Agency.

The role of the Resident Advisory Board (RAB) is to make recommendations and assist the Caribou Housing Agency in the development of the Agency’s Annual Plan and significant amendments or modifications to the plan that may be proposed during the year.

The Caribou Housing Agency Resident Advisory Board (RAB) gives the Section 8 Participants an opportunity to participate in guiding the Agency’s programs and policies.  RAB members:

  • Read and comment on changes to Caribou Housing Agency policies
  • Read and comment on annual plans, five-year plans, etc.
  • Make other recommendations to the Caribou Housing Agency Board of Commissioners as necessary.

Resident Advisory Board Meetings

No scheduled meetings.


City of Caribou Housing Authority