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The Caribou Housing Agency has moved!  We are now located on the first floor of the Caribou Municipal Building.


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The Waiting List is a list of families that have completed a “pre-application” indicating that they are interested in participating in the program.

The Caribou Housing Agency determines applicant eligibility and issues vouchers on a first come, first served basis, based on the date that an applicant added their name to the waiting list.  Because there is more demand for assistance than there are vouchers available, there is usually a long wait for assistance, typically one to two years.

If a family is already on the waiting list, please understand that the wait for assistance may be very long.  The Housing Agency cannot predict when names will reach the top of the Waiting List.

The speed at which the Waiting List moves depends on how many families leave the program, and therefore free up a voucher which can then be given to the next family on the Waiting List. It is impossible to predict when a voucher will be available.  Therefore, if an applicant knows when they were placed on the waiting list, they may be able to use this information to see if they are getting close to the top of the list.

If the family breaks up, the person designated as Head of Household on the pre-application will keep the place on the Waiting List. Anyone not living with the Head of Household would need to apply on his or her own by submitting a new pre-application.

CHA staff will contact applicants in writing during their placement on the waiting list to:

  • Update applicant information – At least once a year, Caribou Housing Agency staff ask applicants to verify their continued waiting list status
  • Offer an opportunity to interview – Once funding is available and your name reaches the top of the list, Caribou Housing staff will offer you an opportunity to interview to determine your eligibility for assistance.

If CHA tries to contact you, and the notification is returned due to your failure to submit a change of address in writing, your name will be removed from the waiting list.

Caribou Housing Agency staff cannot provide an estimate of when a person will be selected.

Waiting List Placement Date and Confirmation

Once a pre-application is received and entered in the Waiting List, the family will receive a Waiting List Placement Date letter notifying the family of its placement date and confirming that the family has been successfully added to the waiting list. Depending on the volume of applications, it can take up to 10 business days for this confirmation to be sent. Your placement date is the date the date the Pre-application was received by the Housing Agency and does not change.

Reaching the Top of the Waiting List    

When the family’s name reaches the top of the Waiting List, a letter is sent inviting the family to attend an Eligibility Briefing.  With the letter will be a Tenant Information Form and list of items that they need to provide. The family must respond to this letter by the due date or its name will be removed from the Waiting List.