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The Caribou Housing Agency has moved!  We are now located on the first floor of the Caribou Municipal Building.

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Initial Inspection

A unit is ready for an initial inspection when the items listed below have been completed.

  • The gas, electric and water service have been turned on and are in working condition.
  • All routine and preventive maintenance has been completed and all equipment in the unit is in working condition.
  • The unit has been properly cleaned and is ready for occupancy.
  • All Housing Quality Standards are in compliance with Caribou Housing Agency’s guidelines.
  • The unit is in move-in condition.

Requesting an initial inspection

A Housing employee will generate the request for the initial inspection when Caribou Housing Agency has received the leasing packet for a family from the owner. An inspector assigned to the unit’s area will contact the owner to schedule the initial inspection.

If a unit fails the first initial inspection, the owner can request, within 15 days, a second initial inspection or reinspection by calling the assigned inspector.  An inspector, upon request for a second initial inspection, can schedule the unit inspection.

Annual Inspection

The tenant and owner/agent will receive an appointment letter before the lease expiration, stating the time and date of the annual inspection.  At the time of inspection, the inspector will examine the entire unit to determine if the unit meets HQS requirements.

A deficiency notice will be sent to the owner/agent and if needed, to the tenant, stating which HQS violations need to be corrected and the time frame for completing the deficiencies.  The unit will be reinspected to verify completion of the required work.

Special Inspection – Complaint inspection

If the family, landlord or general public has a concern or problem with an assisted unit, they should call, or write the Caribou Housing Agency regarding the concern.  A special inspection will be requested and an inspector will investigate the concern.   If needed, a deficiency notice will be sent to the owner or tenant stating the HQS violations needing correction and the time frame for those corrections.

An inspector may issue a twenty-four hour notice of termination to the owner if any of the following (but not limited to) life-threatening conditions are found:

  • The smell of natural gas;
  • Signs of potential structural collapse;
  • Unsafe condition having the potential of starting a fire;
  • Sparking electrical system;
  • Main plumbing line back-up or flooding;
  • And any condition which seriously adversely affects the health, welfare or safety of the tenant.