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Selecting a Section 8 Family as a Tenant

Caribou Municipal Building
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Lisa Plourde, Executive Director
Sue Ouellette, FSS/Homeownership
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Equal Housing Opportunity

The Housing Agency screens for program eligibility.  Families are checked for income eligibility and legal immigration status.  The Housing Agency also conducts registered sex offender checks and may certain violent, drug-related and other criminal activities.  Eligibility determinations are not the same as reference checks.  Landlords renting to Section 8 tenants should perform all reference, background and credit checks used in selecting non-subsidized tenants.

If the prospective tenant is already a voucher holder the Housing Agency may provide, at the request of the prospective landlord, a limited amount of information; that is, the tenant’s current address and the name and address of the tenant’s current address and prior landlords.  If known to the Housing Agency.  To request such information, please submit the Request to Release Information form to the Housing Agency.

A Section 8 voucher holder authorized to find a rental unit will give the landlord a Landlord Package that contains a Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) to complete.  The Housing Agency will review the RTA, discuss the appropriate rent with the landlord, (see Rents) and schedule an inspection