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When a voucher becomes available, you will be invited to a “briefing”, where the program rules are explained, and the voucher is issued. A “Voucher Briefing” is required by the federal government before you can receive your voucher.  A briefing lasts about one and a half hours and children are not permitted. Briefings are held in groups of 15 to 20 people.

Families arriving late to the briefing will not be allowed to attend the briefing.  The briefing is a pre-set presentation including information the Housing Authority is required by federal regulations to cover.  If you are late through no fault of your own, you will be notified of a future briefing date.  If you miss two briefings, your voucher will be canceled and your name removed from the waiting list.

After Housing Agency staff explains the program requirements and how the program works, you will be issued your Voucher and be given a Request for Tenancy Approval.  You must agree to the rules and regulations regarding the voucher.  There are certain limitations regarding rentals that are covered at the briefing.