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At least once a year, the Housing Agency will conduct a mandatory re-examinatino in order to recertify your household composition, income assets, and allowable expenses.

The re-examination can occur at any time up to 12 months from your entry into the Section HCV program or your last re-examintion.

“Get Ready” Letter

The Housing Agency will mail you a “get ready” letter to alert you a few weeks prior to your annual re-examination appointment.  It is important that you check your mail frequently.  You do not want to risk termination of your assistance just because you were not available to receive your mail.

Annual Review Packet

Once you receive your “get ready” letter, you should gather current, original documentation of all your income and assets (including pay stubs, benefit letters, bank statements, etc.).  Failure to provide documents during your annual re-examination appointment can result in termination of your housing assistance.

The annual re-examination letter will contain instructions that request the information needed to complete this process.  You will have ate least two weeks to complete and gather forms and documents.

Verification of Employment Income

You will be required to provide current, original documentation of your income, assets and other information. Here is a list of typical documents and information you should submit:  


You will be asked to provide the three most current and consecutive paystubs for all employed adults in your household.


If a member of your household is self-employed, you will be asked to provide tax returns, 1099s and/or profit and loss statements for the most recent twelve months.

Verification of Other Income and Benefits

Social Security and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

You will be asked to submit all pages of a current original statement of benefits letter or action notice for any source of Social Security pension and/or Supplemental Security Income showing the amount of benefits that you or other members of your household are currently receiving.

To obtain a new letter from the Social Security Administration, call them at 1-800-772-1213 or visit them at their web site at

Other Benefits

You will be asked to submit all pages of a current original statement of benefits letter or action notice for any type of Welfare Assistance (such as General Assistance and TANF) showing all benefits that you or members of your household are currently receiving.

Other Documentation

You will be asked to submit documentation of any other income that any member of your household receives.

Examples are:

Alimony, Child Support

Pension, Retirement,Unemployment, VA Benefits

Verification of Assets

Bank Accounts

You will be asked to submit all pages of a current bank statement for checking, savings and other types of bank accounts.  The statement may be either an original or a copy, but it must include the name of the account holder, the account number, balance, and bank name and address.  The statements must be dated within 30 days of the date of the “get ready” letter.

Other Assets

For all other assets (such as stock, bonds, CDs and other assets), you will be asked to provide current original statements from the financial institution.  The statements must be dated within 30 days of the date of the ‘get ready’ letter.


The Housing Agency may independently verify income you submit.  There are also sources available to the Housing Agency which may indicate information you have not submitted.  If later it is found that you did not fully inform or comply with the application, your voucher could be terminated and you could be responsible for rental subsidy paid on your behalf by the Housing Agency.

It is better to over-declare information that under-declare.  Housing Agency staff will advise you if information you have supplied does not apply.

You must respond to all Housing Agency request for information by the due dates established, or you could lose your housing assistance.

The sooner you submit all requested information to the Housing Authority, the sooner we can complete your re-examination and notify you of any changes to your portion of the rent.

Voucher Size Redetermination

Your voucher size will be re-determined at your annual re-examination.  Changes in your voucher size impact the level of subsidy you receive.  Therefore, if your voucher size reduces for any reason, including decreases in your family composition, your portion of the rent could increase substantially.