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Your share of the rent may change for several reasons:  your income or household composition has changed; your landlord is requesting a change in rent or the Housing Agency subsidy standards or Payment Standards have changed.

You will receive a letter that outlines the reasons for any rent changes but depending on the reason, reporting dates or verification delays, the letter advising you of the rent change may require you to be prepared to pay a rent increase retroactively.

You may receive less than thirty days notice regarding the results of your annua re-examination and any change in your portion of the rent.  If your income has gone up, your subsidy may be reduced; if so, you should be prepared to pay more for your share of the rent and put aside funds accordingly.

You can calculate an approximation of what your rent will be by figuring 30% of your household income.  Make sure you set this amount aside until you receive the letter giving you the giving you the exact amount of your share of the rent.