The Most Northeastern City in the United States.

Termination of Section 8 HCV

Caribou Municipal Building
25 High St
Caribou, Maine 04736
Lisa Plourde, Executive Director
Sue Ouellette, FSS/Homeownership
Phone: (207) 493-4234
Fax: (207) 376-0178


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Termination of Section 8 HCV

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The Caribou Housing Agency has moved!  We are now located on the first floor of the Caribou Municipal Building.

Equal Housing Opportunity

If the Caribou Housing Agency proposes to terminate assistance, a family will be sent a notice stating the reason for termination. The family has the opportunity to appeal the termination if they feel the Housing Agency has acted unfairly in this matter or if Caribou Housing has incorrect information.  Requests must be made in writing to the Housing Agency and be received within 10 days from the date of the notice.

Caribou Housing Agency may terminate a tenant’s assistance for any of the reasons listed below.

    1. Tenant failed to abide by the terms of repayment agreement.
    2. Past participant and failed to reimburse monies owed to Caribou Housing or another Housing Authority.
    3. Current tenant and owes money to Caribou Housing or another Housing Authority.
    4. Evicted from federally assisted housing for serious violation of the lease.
    5. Tenant’s rent portion exceeds contract rent.  Caribou Housing’s rent portion has been zero for previous six months.
    6. Violated one or more family obligations by:
      • Breaching the lease seriously or repeatedly.
      • Committing fraud.
      • Criminal activity or substance abuse listed below.
          • Lifetime registration under state sex offender program.
          • Manufacture and/or production of methamphetamine in assisted housing program.
          • Fraud, bribery, or other criminal act in connection with assisted housing program.
          • Evicted from assisted housing within last 3 years for drug related criminal activity.
          • Illegal drug use that interferes with the health, safety, and/or peaceful enjoyment of other residents.
          • Alcohol abuse or pattern of abuse that threatens the health, safety, and/or peaceful enjoyment of other residents.
          • Drug related criminal activity.
          • Violent criminal activity.
          • Other criminal activity that threatens the health, safety, and/or peaceful enjoyment of other residents or persons in immediate vicinity of premises.
          • Other criminal activity that threatens the health and/or safety of property management staff or its agents and/or Caribou Housing Agency staff or its agents.
          • Failing to allow Caribou Housing to inspect the dwelling unit.
          • Failing to maintain utility service(s) for which the tenant is responsible.
          • Causing excessive damage to the unit.
          • Failing to notify Caribou Housing before vacating the dwelling unit.
          • Failing to supply or cause to be supplied, information Caribou Housing has requested.
          • Failing to use the dwelling unit solely for residence by the Family and as the Family’s principal place of residence, or by assigning the lease or transferring the unit.
          • Owning or having an interest in the dwelling unit.
          • Receiving assistance for or occupying two or more assisted dwelling units at the same time.

Unit Terminations

A unit can be terminated if the landlord/owner fails to correct Housing Quality Standard deficiencies.