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Administrative Plan


 01, Overview of the Program and Plan

The PHA receives is funding for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The PHA is not a federal department or agency….

02, Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

This chapter explains the laws and HUD regulations requiring PHAs to affirmatively further civil rights and fair housing in all federally-assisted housing programs…

03, Eligibility

The PHA is responsible for ensuring that every individual and family admitted to the HCV Program meets all program eligibility requirements…

04, Applications, Waiting List and Tenant Selection

When a family wishes to receive assistance under the HCV Program, the family must submit an application that provides the PHA with the information needed to determine the family’s eligibility…

05, Briefings and Voucher Issuance

This chapter explains the briefing and voucher issuance process.

06, Income and Subsidy Determinations

A family’s income determines eligibility for assistance and is also used to calculate the family’s payment and the PHA’s subsidy…

07, Verification

The PHA must verify all information that is used to establish the family’s eligibility and level of assistance and is required to obtain written authorization from the family in order to collect the information…

08, Housing Quality Standards and Rent Reasonablenss Determinations

HUD requires that all unit occupied by families receiving Housing Choice Voucher (HSV) assistance meet HUD’s Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and permits the PHA to establish additional requirements…

09, General Leasing Policies

Chapter 9 covers the lease-up process from the family’s submission of a Request for Tenancy Approval to execution of the HAP Contract…

10, Moving with Continued Assistance and Portability

Freedom of housing choice is a hallmark of the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program…

11, Reexaminations

The PHA is required to reexamine each family’s income and composition at lease annually, and to adjust the family’s level of assistance accordingly…

12, Termination of Assistance and Tenancy

HUD regulations specify mandatory and optional grounds for which a PHA can terminate a family’s assistance…

13, Owners

Owners play a major role in the HCV Program by supplying decent, safe, and sanitary housing for participating families…

14, Program Integrity

The PHA is committed to ensuring that subsidy funds made available to the PHA are spent in accordance with HUD requirements…

15, Special Housing Types

The PHA may permit a family to use any of the special housing types discussed in this chapter…

16, Program Administration

This chapter discusses administrative policies and practices that are relevant to the activities covered in this plan…


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