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All applicant families must meet several criteria to be eligible for assistance through the HCV (aka Section 8) Program.

Eligibility Briefing

When applicants are called from the Waiting List, they must attend an Eligibility Briefing.  Briefings last approximately 1-2 hours.  All household members, 18 years of age and older are asked to attend.  Applicants failing to appear or not receiving approval to be called at a later date will be removed from the Waiting List.

During the briefing, forms authorizing the Housing Authority to obtain information regarding income and assets are signed by the Applicant.  A release form is signed by the prospect and each member 18 years of age and older to check criminal records through all law enforcement agencies.

Applicants who have not already provided needed documentation, will be given a checklist of missing, or extra documentation needed for verification and a deadline to return everything CHA.  Once everything has been returned, CHA will determine if they are eligible for a housing choice voucher.  Everyone 18 years of age or older living in the household MUST  supply all verification from the checklist that applies to them.  Only letters will be accepted as verification and must be on original letterhead paper and NOT older than 30 days.

Once all necessary documnation has been presented, and the applicant has been met all program requirements, the applicant will be scheduled to attend a Voucher Briefing and the may begin their search for housing.

Eligibility Requirements

In order for a family to be eligible for the HCV program and receive assistance they must meet the requirements below.

Income Limit

Families whose income do not exceed the higher of the Federal poverty level or earn 50% of area median income or less to may be eligible for the HCV Program when first issued a voucher.

Family Size

50% of Median

1 Person


2 Person


3 Person


4 Person


5 Person


6 Person


7 Person


8 Person


A family’s assets – checking account, savings account, saving bonds, real estate, life insurance, stocks, etc. – are taken into account when calculating income.  The actual value of your assets is not included, but income created from your assets is; the interest earned from the asset is counted as income.


You do not need to be a United States citizen to apply or be eligible for housing, but you do need to be a citizen or have eligible immigration status to receiving housing.

Social Security Number

An original Social Security card must be shown to the CHA for each member of the household.

Background Check

Caribou Housing Agency screens all applicant’s background history.  If it show that they may not be a suitable participant, their application may be denied.  

Applicants are automatically denied for certain crimes, including:

  • Eviction from federally-assisted housing (within last 3 years) for drug-related criminal activity
  • Current use of illegal drugs (within the past 12 months)
  • A record of alcohol abuse
  • Convicted of  production or manufacture of methaphetamine
  • Sex offenses requiring sex offender program

Applicants may be denied due to:

  • Violent criminal activity
  • Drug-related criminal activity
  • Criminal activity
  • Previous behavior in assisted housing
  • Debts owed to CHA or other housing authority, until the debt is repaid in full
  • If any member of the household has been terminated from the HCV program in the past three years
  • Not providing information that the CHA determines is necessary
  • Not providing complete and true information

Voucher  Briefing

During the Voucher Briefing, the HCV program is explained by the CHA staff.  Staff discuss the program requirements and the responsibilities of participants and landlords.