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The Caribou Housing Agency has moved!  We are now located on the first floor of the Caribou Municipal Building.

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Tips for a smooth transfer:

• Make sure your lease allows you to move now.

• Give your landlord the proper written notice before you move.

• Pay your rent through the last day of your lease and leave your unit in good condition.

• Return the keys to your landlord and get a receipt.

• Notify us of your move-out date.

When can I transfer with my voucher?

Before you get ready to move with your voucher, make sure you meet the following conditions:

• You cannot move until you reach the end of the term of your lease. Check your lease to find out when you can move.

• You must repay the Housing Agency any money you owe. You cannot move until you are current with your payments.

• Remember that our subsidy standards may have changed since you were last issued a voucher.  If you move, your voucher size will be re-determined according to your current family composition and our current subsidy standards.  You may be given a voucher with fewer bedrooms than you have now.

What if I want to move out of the area?

Moving to a new unit within the city, is called a “transfer.” The information on this Q&A only covers moving within the county.

If you want to move out of the area, that is called a “portable.” It’s a different process than a transfer. You are allowed to “portable” under certain conditions. Please see our Portable Q&A for more information.

What if I have already moved out?

If you have moved without notifying us, your voucher may be canceled. If you notified us before you moved out, you will only have 60 days from your move-out date to find a new place to rent and turn in a Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA.)

If you cannot find a place within 60 days, you can request an extension, but extensions may not be granted. If funding is cut while you are searching, your voucher could be frozen for weeks or months.

What should I do when I’m ready to move?

Do nothing until you contact the Housing Agency. Do not move until you understand and comply with our transfer procedures. When you are ready to move, please start the process early and follow these steps carefully. If you don’t, you risk losing your voucher or having to pay the full rent yourself.

Send us a Transfer Request Form.

When we get your Transfer Request Form, we will send you a Transfer Packet. It has all the information you need. It includes a letter that tells you what voucher size you will get if you move.

When you find a new place to rent, you and your new landlord must fill out the Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) form in your packet and send it to us.

You must also send us a Vacate Date Certification Form, which is in the packet, to verify your move-out date.

What happens after I submit the paperwork to move?

This can be a lengthy process.  After the Housing  Agency has received the RTA and the Vacate Date Certification Form, the next steps will include:

The Housing Agency will review the paperwork to make sure there is no overlap in dates between the old unit and the new one. We cannot pay subsidy on two units at once.

We will perform a preliminary rent calculation. Your rent and utilities cannot exceed 40% of your monthly adjusted income.

We will inspect the new unit.

After the unit passes inspection, we will perform a final rent calculation to make sure the total rent is reasonable as compared to similar units.

You and the landlord will sign a lease. The lease addendum will contain your rent amount.

What if there have been changes to my family’s income or composition?

Sometimes people move because of a change of jobs or family members. To report changes, submit a Change Report Form or Request for Approval to Change Household Composition Form. The form will explain the rules about who you can add to your household.