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The Caribou Housing Agency has moved!  We are now located on the first floor of the Caribou Municipal Building.

Equal Housing Opportunity

Tips for an easy move:

• Make sure your lease allows you to move now.

• Give your landlord the proper written notice before you move.

• Pay your rent through the last day of your lease and leave your unit in good condition.

• Return the keys to your landlord and get a receipt.  The Housing Agency will need proof of your move-out date.

Can I move to another Area with my voucher?

Under the Housing Choice Voucher program, families can move with their assistance to another area.  This is called “portability” or “porting.”

In order to move to another housing agency’s jurisdiction, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • The head of your household or spouse must have had legal residence in the jurisdiction of your current housing authority at the time that you put your name on the waiting list, OR:
  • You must have lived in the jurisdiction of the Housing Authority that issued your voucher for at least one year after you began receiving housing assistance.

If you are interested in porting out to another area, please complete a Portability Request Form, also available in our office lobby.  The Housing Agency will contact you to inform you whether or not you are eligible to port.

What if I want to move to another unit in the same City?

Moving to a new unit within the city, is called a “transfer.” This is a different process than a “portable.” If you want to transfer to another unit within the same county or city, please see our Transfer Q&A for more information.

The information in this section only applies to moving to another housing authority’s jurisdiction.

What if I have already moved out?

Moving to another area can be a lengthy process and is only possible if the other housing authority is able to assist you.  Do not move without notifying us first. If you have moved out, call our office immediately. Your voucher could be canceled.  You will have 60 days from your move-out date to find a new place to rent, in this county or in another jurisdiction, or you may lose your voucher.

What should I do when I’m ready to move?

When you are ready to move, please start the process early and follow these steps carefully. If you don’t, you risk losing your voucher or having to pay the full rent yourself.

Send us a Portability Request Form.

When we get your Portability Request Form, we will contact the housing authority in the area where you wish to move, and find out if they are able to assist you.

We will review your request and determine whether or not you are eligible to “port-out.”  You will not be eligible to port if you have violated program rules, committed lease violations or owe us money. We will send you a letter letting you know if your request has been approved.

If approved, we will forward the documentation to the housing agency where you want to move.

What happens after I am approved to move to another housing authority’s jurisdiction?

After the Housing Agency has approved your request to port-out, the next steps will include:

• You must contact the housing agency where you want to move and find out what requirements they may have. Every housing agency is different. Please review their requirements carefully.

• You will have a limited amount of time, usually 60 days, to find a place to rent.

• If you decide not to move with your voucher after all, or if you decide to move to a different housing agency’s jurisdiction, you must let us know about your decision as soon as possible. If you select a different housing agency, the process must be repeated.

• If you have already moved out of your unit, or if you have not leased up in a unit, you risk losing your assistance if you do not follow all the program deadlines.

What if there have been changes to my family’s income or composition?

If your income has changed, or if you will be adding or removing family members when you move, please notify the housing agency in the area where you plan to live.