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Participants must have their income and family composition re-examined every year by a CHA housing specialist – this is called a Re-examination. 

At the re-examination, the CHA housing specialist will make sure you are receiving all the financial assistance that you need.

Annual Reexamination

When the time comes for your Annual Reexamination, CHA will send you a Reexamination Appointment Notice telling you the date and time of your appointment.  You will receive this notice 10-14 days before your appointment.  If you have any questions or need a reasonable accommodation, please contact the CHA Office

Along with this notice, you will receive

  • Tenant Information Form, which you will need to complete and bring it with you to your appointment
  • If you cannot, you need to contact the CHA Office immediately to reschedule.  In addition, all family members 18 years of age and older must attend the Re-Examination.  Failure to attend your appointment is a violation of your Family Obligations and could result in your termination from the HCV Program.Verification Documents, which you will need to go through and bring any documents that pertain to your family. Documents must be the original (not photocopied) and dated with 30 calendar days of the date that you submit them to CHA. The documents must not be damaged, altered or in any illegible.

You MUST attend an Annual Reexamination every year. 

Failure to do so, may result in termination of the Section 8 Voucher.

At your appointment, a CHA housing specialist will review your documents with you and have you sign several forms.  The specialist will also double-check the income information you give them using HUD’s national online computer system.

CHA will verify the following information:

  • Your income and the income of all of your family members
  • Information for anyone you are adding to or removing from the household
  • Information for any deductions you may qualify for such as childcare or medical expenses
  • Any requests for reasonable accommodation, if applicable

Any documents submitted by you and used for verification must be dated within 60 calendar days of the date CHA requests them.  The documents must not be damaged, altered or in any way illegible. A housing specialist will review your documents and contact you if additional information is required.  Be sure to provide all the information CHA  asks for an answer all questions completely and truthfully.

After a housing specialist evaluates the information you provide, we will recalculate your total tenant payment (TTP) and the amount of assistance CHA will provide on your behalf.  As long as you provide your reexamination documents within the allotted timeframe, you will receive 45-day notice of these recalculations.  If you fail to provide required documentation and signatures on forms or fail to participate in the annual reexamination process, your assistance may be terminated.