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Reporting Changes

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Reporting Changes

You might experience changes to your family situation that will affect your voucher — and those changes might occur in between your regularly scheduled reexaminations.  Changes that occur between reexaminations are what CHA calls “interims.”

An interim change could include:

  • A change in your household income (up or down)
  • Families are required to report all increases in income, including new employment, within 10 calendar days
  • If you report a decrease in income, an interim re- examination may also be necessary
  • A change in family composition, which includes:
    • Birth, adoption or court-awarded custody/legal guardianship of a child
    • Marriage, civil union or domestic partnership
    • Addition of an elderly parent(s) to the household
    • The need for a reasonable accommodation (e.g., addition of a live-in aide)