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June & November 2016 Election Results

June 2016 Election Results

2016 PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS – City of Caribou-Connor TWP-unofficial

November 2016 Election Results

TOTALS President/Vice-President
1595 Clinton, Hillary (Democratic)
Kaine, Timothy Michael
213 Johnson, Gary (Libertarian)
Weld, Bill
45 Stein, Jill (Green Independent)
Baraka, Ajamu
2106 Trump, Donald J. (Republican)
Pence, Michael R.
1 Write-In=Castle, Darrell L.
                   Bradley, Scott N.
Write-In=Fox, Cherunda L.
                   Kushner, Roger M.
Write-In=Kotlikoff, Laurence J.
                    Leamer, Edward E.
17 Write In=McMullin, David Evan
                   Johnson, Nathan Daniel
Representative to Congress District 2
1558 Cain, Emily Ann (Democratic)
2375 Poliquin, Bruce (Republican)
State Senator
2569 Guerrette, Timothy (Republican)
1473 Jackson, Troy (Democratic)
Representative to the Legislature Dist.148
101 Edgecomb, Anthony J. (Republican)
89 McCrea, David H. (Democratic)
Representative to the Legislature Dist.149
2396 McElwee, Carol A. (Republican)
1370 Rivard, Ginette M. (Democratic)
Judge of Probate
3515 Dunleavy, James P. (Democratic)
Question 1: Citizen Initiative-Marijuana
1510 Yes
2523 No
Question 2: Citizen Initiative-Add 3% tax
2171 Yes
1836 No
Question 3: Citizen Initiative-Background Checks
1700 Yes
2332 No
Question 4: Citizen Initiative-Raise Minimum Wage
2185 Yes
1836 No
Question 5: Citizen Initiative-Choice of Candidates
1805 Yes
2139 No
Question 6: Citizen Initiative-Bond Issue for Const.
2318 Yes
1627 No
County Commissioner District 2
3376 Underwood, Paul J. (Republican)
County Commissioner District 3
170 Fournier, Norman L. (Democratic)
Register of Deeds (Southern District)
2124 Richardson, Melissa L. (Republican)
1384 Roy, Nichol Renee (Democratic)
County Finance Committee District III
Councilor 3 year
2644 Martin, David A., Elected
2405 Theriault, Joan L., Elected
Regional School Unit #39
1686 Cote, Nicole L.
1873 Sleeper, Tanya L., Elected
Jefferson Cary Memorial Hospital Fund
3429 Hebert, Athill B., Elected
Non-Binding Advisory Referendum
Should the City of Caribou continue to own and maintain the downtown mall parking lots?
2971 Yes
758 No