The Most Northeastern City in the United States.

November 2013 Election Results

The results of the 2013 Caribou Municipal Election are as follows:

City Councilor 3 year term (Vote for 2)

David A. Martin  713

Joan L. Theriault  700

James T. Cerrato  423

City Councilor 1 year term (Vote for 2)

Carol A. Pierson  776

Shane M. McDougall  467

Norma B. Milton  458

Caribou RSU 39 (Vote for 1)

Tanya L. Sleeper  423

Miles R. Williams  378

Phillip J. McDonough 279

Caribou Charter Amendment 1 – Amending the terms of office to begin the first business day in January:

Yes  929

No  167

Caribou Charter Amendment 2 – Allowing a councilor to take all, a portion of, or none of their pay:

Yes  823

No  273

Caribou Charter Amendment 3 – Removing the requirement a Councilor must be current on all personal and real property taxes to serve on the City Council:

Yes 435

No  671