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Emergency Management Agency

Emergency Management Agency
111 High Street
Caribou, Maine 04736
Michael Gahagan
Phone: (207)493-4216


Caribou Emergency Management Agency
Annual Report for 2011

As the newly appointed Director of the Caribou Emergency Management Agency, I would like to note that 2011 was a very eventful year for EMA. We activated the Emergency Operations Center on 2 different occasions in June due to severe storms that included heavy rainfall, damaging winds and rapid flooding. Due to the activation of the EOC, we learned the value of having a joint command to include police, fire. The City has upgraded the phone system to accommodate having a central location or “dispatch” for all emergency calls during an EOC activation or disaster.

PI would like to personally thank all 35 members of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) for their dedication and support during times of need. Their aid to the police and fire departments allows emergency responders the availability to do more important things, such as respond to emergency calls coming in. CERT members volunteer 100% of their time and are very beneficial in making operations run smoothly. CERT members block roads, provide traffic control, assist with clean up, report areas in need of attention, and provide any other assistance as needed. Their help is very much appreciated.

The Caribou Emergency Management Agency works closely with the Aroostook County Emergency Management Agency, which is also in Caribou. I would like to thank Vern Ouellette and Darren Woods for your support.

I would like to encourage residents to be prepared for any disaster by having an emergency kit available in cases of inclement weather, power outages, or any other disaster. Things to keep in your “disaster preparedness kit” should include bottled water, food, candles, battery powered radio, flashlight, extra batteries, etc.

Respectfully Submitted,

Chief Michael W. Gahagan
Director of Emergency Management Agency