The Most Northeastern City in the United States.

Police Department

Caribou Municipal Building
25 High Street
Caribou, Maine 04736
Michael Gahagan, Chief
Phone: (207)493-3301


For information on sex offenders living in your community, please visit:

Caribou Police Department

Mission Statement- The mission of the Caribou Police Department is to enhance the quality of life throughout the City of Caribou by working cooperatively with all of our citizens to preserve the peace, reduce fear, enforce the law and promote a caring and safe environment.

Current Staffing:

Chief: Michael Gahagan/ 2 Sergeants/ 12 Patrolman/ Administrator


Caribou Police Department offers the following services:

– Fingerprints: Fingerprints can be taken at Caribou Police Department. We can do fingerprinting for job related applications, permits, background checks, federal purposes, adoptions, sex offender registry etc. The Department charges $3.00 for Fingerprints. Please note that you need to bring your own fingerprinting card, as we do not provide one.

– Pay a ticket: or send in by mail.

– Crash Reports:  You can recieve a copy of a crash report at the Police Department. The cost of a crash report is $10.00.

– Fireworks Permit- You can obtain a fireworks permit at Caribou Police Department for $5.00.

Conceal Carry: Applications can be obtained in the front office.

– Ride Alongs: Caribou Police Department is always welcome to having members of the communuity who are interested in a career in Law Enforcment to ride along with our Officers. Applications and forms can be obtained in the front office.

Contact Us:

News/ Alerts:

Public Safety Building: Any question or comments regarding the proposal for a new Public Safety Building can be sent via email to Sgt. Mark Gahagan or