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Caribou Utilities District
P.O. Box 879
176 Limestone Street
Caribou, Maine 04736
Hugh Kirkpatrick, General Manager
Phone: (207) 496-0911
Fax: (207) 496-0921
E-mail: cud@gwi.net

Caribou Utilities District Waterworks Division – Water Rate Increase Public Hearing

The Caribou Utilities District Waterworks Division gives notice to the public that on Thursday, June 17, 2021 @ 7:30 am at the Caribou Wellness Center at 55 Bennett Drive, Caribou, Maine the Trustees of the Caribou Utilities District will hold a public hearing to discuss and hear comments on a proposed water rate increase.


Caribou Utilities District issues consumer notice regarding postcard marketing campaign 04.02.2021.

The Caribou Utilities District has received calls regarding postcards mailed to Aroostook County communities, including Caribou, urging residents to get their water tested due to seasonal changes in the water table. There are no ‘seasonal changes in the water table’ which impact the quality of drinking water provided by the Caribou Utilities District. The District’s water continues to be of the highest quality which exceeds all water quality standards. This mailing campaign is not from the Caribou Utilities District (CUD), and there is no need to get your CUD water tested as a result of this postcard.
The postcard only states it is from a company called AERUS and has no contact information.

Caribou Utilities District

Maine Rural Water Association 2017 Maine’s Best Tasting Drinking Water

Caribou Utilities District Press Release

In light of recent concerns with COVID-19, the Caribou Utilities District (CUD) will begin practicing “social distancing” starting March 13, 2020 at 4:00 PM. We ask that you contact us first via phone or email with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your water and/or sewer service or bill.

Please see the full press release with more information below:

Water/Wastewater Technician

The Caribou Utilities District is an independent, quasi-municipal organization providing vital public health and safety services to 1,800 customers in the City of Caribou, Maine.  We are currently seeking an entry level operator technician.  The successful applicant will learn all operational aspects of a municipal water distribution and treatment system and a municipal wastewater collection and treatment system.

The person selected will possess the ability and desire to rapidly achieve proper licensing and become a responsible operator of critical processes and systems.  Certain physical capabilities are required as is a mechanical and technical aptitude.  Must have a high school diploma and meaningful work experience.  CDL, post-secondary education in environmental science, industrial electronics or mechanical and electrical trades is preferred.  Computer and writing skills are desirable.  A competitive hourly wage and an attractive benefits package is available.  References, a criminal background check, pre-employment physical and illegal substance testing will be required.

Interested candidates must submit a cover letter and resume through indeed.com, mail to the Caribou Utilities District, P.O. Box 879, Caribou, Maine 04736 or email to cud@gwi.net to be considered for employment.  For a more detailed job description, please contact the Caribou Utilities District at cud@gwi.net.  This position will remain available until a qualified person is hired.  The Caribou Utilities District is an equal opportunity employer.

Job Description

Caribou Utilities District Documents: 

CUD Charter

CUD History

CUD Sewer Ordinance

CUD Sewer Rates

CUD Water Rates

CUD Terms & Conditions for Water Service

Board of Trustees

The Caribou Utilities District (CUD) Board of Trustees consists of a five person Board appointed by the City Council for a term of three years. The Board holds regular meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at its office building at 176 Limestone Street. Board Meetings are open to the public and your participation is encouraged.

  • Janine S. Murchison
  • Nancy Solman
  • Jay Kamm
  • David Belyea
  • Philip McDonough II


The Caribou Waterworks was first established in 1889 as The Caribou Water, Light and Power Company. In 1943 the power generation assets were sold to Maine Public Service Company and the Waterworks was acquired by General Waterworks Corporation of Philadelphia, Pa. In 1989 the Caribou Utilities District (CUD) purchased the Caribou Waterworks Corporation adding a water treatment and distribution system to the District. The filter plant was built in 1941 and was updated in 1971. Since then several other improvements have been made to the facility to comply with more stringent water quality standards. In 2006 a new water groundwater supply will be added to the District facilities.

The Caribou Utilities District (CUD) was organized in 1945 to take over the assets of the Caribou Sewer Company and to manage wastewater functions for the City of Caribou. In 1960, a primary treatment plant was constructed at 176 Limestone Street to treat wastewater prior to discharge to the Aroostook River. Significant industrial loadings were added to the CUD facilities from local potato processing plants. In order to provide an improved effluent quality, The Charles D. Hatch Treatment Facility was constructed in 1983 near Grimes Mills on the Aroostook River, some 2 1/2 miles down river from the primary plant. Three aerated lagoons totaling 36 million gallons were constructed along with disinfection facilities. Periodic improvements have been added to improve treatment and to comply with more stringent water quality standards.

Water Quality Report & Highlights of the Past Year

2018 Water Quality Report

2017 Water Quality Report

2017 Primary Drinking Water Standards

2016 Water Quality Report

2016 Primary Drinking Water Standards

2015 Water Quality Report

2015 Primary Drinking Water Standards