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Office Building For Sale

The City currently owns 26,000 square feet of office space in Downtown Caribou that is for sale.

The Building is 26,800 square feet not counting the basement area. It has dual backup generators one 65 KW and one 50KW, with redundant wiring. There are multiple T-1 lines and other connections. The server room is approximately 20’ x 40’ with chilled elevated floors and halogen extinguishers. The building has a replacement value well in excess of $2 million as per construction tables.

There is a reception office at the main entrance, a large reception area in the front lobby. There is a series of offices around the perimeter of the building on the first floor surrounding the main server room. The second floors has offices and cubical space, an employee training area within that can seat approximately 100 persons. There are also kitchen facilities on the second floor. The building is fully sprinkled, has an alarm system wired to the police and fire departments and a host of other amenities. Directly across the street from the back entrance is a City owned parking lot that has approximately 100 parking spaces. Within two blocks of the building there are well over 300 parking spaces in city owned parking lots. This has accommodated at times greater than 100 persons working within the building at any one time and when they were working on a 24 hour basis.

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The building is for sale for $250,000. For more information on this building please contact Austin Bleess at 207-493-3324 x230 or via email at