Tax Acquired Property for Sale by Bid

The City of Caribou is soliciting competitive sealed bids for the sale of the following Tax Acquired Properties. Bids must be submitted in writing in a sealed envelope with the words “Property Bid # __” with the appropriate property # written on the outside of the envelope along with the Tax Map and Lot #’s. Bids must be submitted in Attention to: Finance/Tax Collector’s Office,

Caribou City Office, 25 High Street, Caribou Maine 04736, no later than 2:00 PM on July 15, 2021 and will be opened publicly at that time. All bids must include a 10% deposit of bid amount in the form of a certified check or money order, return address and phone contact information to be considered. Bid packages on each property are available in the Deputy Tax Collector’s Office at the City Office, 25 High Street. Bids will be acted upon by the City Council at 6:00 PM on July 26, 2021 during the regular Council meeting. The City Council reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids deemed within the best interest of the City of Caribou. Purchasers of City-owned property will be issued Quitclaim deeds for the City’s interest under Maine law and should verify any or all encumbrances against the property outside those held by municipal tax lien or deed. No warranties or guaranties can be granted by the municipality to the successful bidder. Bids not paid within 30 days shall be deemed void.

Property # 2: Tax Map 025, Lot 066 – 15 Nancy Street – Land Only – .16 Acres,

Zoned R-1. Minimum Bid $7,700.00.

Property # 23: Tax Map 028, Lot 139 – 16 Sincock Street – Land Only – .38 Acres,

Zoned R-1. Minimum Bid $2,500.00.

Property # 47: Tax Map 031, Lot 024 – 34 Collins Street – Land Only – .38 Acres,

Zoned R-1. Minimum Bid $3,500.00.

Property # 48: Tax Map 034, Lot 138 – 25 Liberty Street – Land Only – .14 Acres,

Zoned R-2. Minimum Bid $24,700.00.

Property #50 Tax Map 034, Lot 56 30 North Street – Land and Building .15 Acres,

Zoned R-1. Minimum Bid $4,300.00

Property # 60: Tax Map 013, Lot 017-001 – 544 Van Buren Road – Building Only

Zoned R-3. Minimum Bid $1,600.00.

Property # 63: Tax Map 028, Lot 119 – 66 York Street – Land Only – .13 Acres

Zoned R-3. Minimum Bid $3,300.00.