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Whether you are coming to Caribou, Maine for the first time, returning to your hometown, or looking to relocate to the northernmost city in the United States, you can find information here to get you moving in the right direction.


From special events and festivals to unique Aroostook County experiences, you can find something fun to do all year long.


Restaurants, groceries, take-out services and delivery. You can always find something delicious to eat in Caribou, Maine!


Need a gas station, shopping, banking or repair services? You're covered with all of the services needed to make your stay more comfortable.


Whether you're staying for a night, a weekend, a month or looking to make Caribou your new home, find your home away from here.

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Proudly Partnering with NaviTour

We are proud to partner with NaviTour, a Portland-based organization that connects both travelers and locals with passionate, entertaining, and knowledgeable local guides throughout Maine. New experiences and guides are constantly being added.

Do you have a unique Aroostook County experience that you could share with others? Maybe you could offer tours of your working farm, show travelers a great fishing spot, or take someone on a guided hike or trail ride. The ideas are limitless! NaviTours are scheduled directly through you at your convenience and you charge your own specific rate for the experience that you provide. To learn more about becoming a registered NaviTour guide, please visit their website at https://navitour.com/.

Excursions currently available in Aroostook County include:

Allagash River Canoe Trip

Mahoosuc Guide Service (Guides: Polly Mahoney & Kevin Slater) provides a fully-outfitted 6-day canoe trip on the Allagash River in the North Maine Woods from September 27 to October 2, 2022.

Aroostook County: The Crown of Maine

This 2-day experience for up to six people led by Ray Wirth and Leslie Gregory will help you hone in on the highlights of living in one of the most unique parts of Maine.

St. Croix (3-day) or Allagash (5 or 7-day) River Canoe Trips

Canoe the Wild (Guide: Dave Conley) offers canoeing adventures in northern Maine & Eastern Canada for both beginner and seasoned paddlers .

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