History of Caribou to Incorporation

History of Caribou to Incorporation:

Located in Aroostook County

Consists of T13R2 and T14R2 plus Eaton Grant, which makes 2.6 square miles larger than a double township, each township being 6 square miles, for a total of 14.6 square miles.

1848 – T13R2 incorporated as Letter H Township
1859 – Letter H incorporated as Town of Lyndon
1869 – T14R2 a/k/a Letter I Plantation (or Forestville) plus Eaton Grant were annexed to Town of Lyndon
1877 – Town of Lyndon changed to Town of Caribou
1968 – Town of Caribou incorporated as City of Caribou
1986 – Site of launch of first solo trans-Atlantic balloon flightJoe W. Kittinger, balloonist (September 16, 1986)