Emergency Management Agency

Emergency Management Agency
111 High Street
Caribou, Maine 04736
Chief Michael Gahagan, Director
Phone: (207) 493-3301

Caribou Emergency Management Agency
Annual Report for 2020

First off, I’d like to thank the members of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) for their hard work and dedication to the City of Caribou. Their dedication to keeping the city safe is so much appreciated. Due to COVID-19, most public events in which CERT is utilized were cancelled. CERT members participate in training and are readily available in the event they are needed to assist emergency personnel. Their service to Caribou EMA and the citizens is unpaid and strictly volunteer.

Updates to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) continued, keeping the local meeting place for first responders and emergency personnel up to date in technology. Both police and fire agencies utilize the EOC for trainings mandated by the state.

The Caribou Emergency Management Agency works closely with the Aroostook County Emergency Management Agency, which is also in Caribou. I would like to thank Darren Woods, John Gibson, Brian Goff and Joyce Findlen for their continued support.

I would like to encourage residents to be prepared for any disaster by having an emergency kit available in cases of inclement weather, power outages, or any other disaster. Things to keep in your “disaster preparedness kit” should include bottled water, non-perishable food, candles, battery powered radio, flashlight, extra batteries, etc. Remember, being prepared could save you and your loved one’s life.

Respectfully Submitted,

Chief Michael W. Gahagan

Director of Caribou Emergency Management Agency

Pictured here is Caribou EMA’s 1959 International feed wagon set up for use at Thursdays on Sweden (bottom right). This is the last operational EMA feed wagon in the state.