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The City of Caribou appreciates your feedback and questions.

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Here are some recent questions and feedback:

Question: (The card prompt said, “The children in our community need the city to …)

Need to put a resource officer back in the schools

Answer:   The RSU#39 School is a separate entity from the City of Caribou. The school has opted to fund mental health services (by adding social workers) and building administration to help students with any barriers to a safe learning environment. The City of Caribou can not force the RSU to employ a school resource officer. However, if they determine that one is needed, the City of Caribou would make every effort to accommodate their request.

Question: (The card prompt said, “One idea to improve our community is …)

More active participation in current events.

Answer: While I am not certain what is meant by this statement, the City of Caribou elected and appointed officials are committed to participating in events in the area.

Question: (The card prompt said, “One idea to improve our community is …)

Beautify the town with more flowers; have more fun drug-free safe places for youth to help combat drug abuse; help with homeless and drug abusers that loiter and roam the streets

Answer: The City of Caribou does budget for trees and flowers in the City. Of course, our parks staff work to maintain all city properties within the resources given. The Wellness Center and Teague Park are great places for the youth to gather in a safe environment. I wish there was more that I could offer with regards to the concerns over the homeless and others who roam our streets. Some of these big city issues are coming now to Northern Maine. I will pass your comments to the Caribou Police Department.

Question: What is the City doing about the trash problem at properties? Rats are not cool.

Answer: The comment has been passed to the Code Enforcement Department. Rubbish and animal harborage (including rats) is a violation of the adopted International Property Maintenance Code which requires that the “Exterior property and premises shall be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition” (Section 302.1) Section 302.5 specifically states that “structures and exterior property shall be kept free from rodent harborage and infestation” and Section 308.1 states that “exterior property and premises, and the interior of every structure, shall be free from any accumulation of rubbish or garbage.”

Question: When is the City going to put water back in the Mill Pond?

Answer: This is a project that has been prioritized and finally there is an update on how this can happen. The 501c3 Recreation Foundation applied for a Congressionally Directed Spending Request. The City was notified last week that Senator Susan Collins has included the project in her list of CDS requests. Right now, it is in the 2-week public disclosure period and from there it will go to the proper appropriations committee. If the committee includes this in the 2023 budget, the Rec Foundation and the City can move forward with plans to restore this important Caribou landmark. Stay tuned!