City Parcel GIS

Clicking on the link below will open a web map app for the user-interactive tax parcel map. After opening the parcel map, to view a parcel, users may zoom in and click/tap the parcel, a pop-up window will open to show information about the parcel. Users can also use Search button to perform a search based on Account number. Users can click/tap the tab located at the center bottom of the screen to open the tax information table (attribute table) and view and search a parcel from the table. Users can use other tools on the toolbar to switch to different basemap, to make a measurement, or to create a PDF-format map, or to print a map.

Disclaimer: The parcel map is not to be misconstrued as a survey or to be used as a survey, used for property boundary description, conveyance, or determination of legal title. Any use as such is strictly prohibited. It represents an approximate location of property lines only.

Digital Parcel Map