City Council


City Charter Sec. 2.01   Composition, Eligibility, Election and Terms.

(a) Composition. There shall be a City Council of seven (7) members elected by qualified voters of the City at large to serve staggered three (3) year terms each.

(b) Eligibility. Only qualified voters of the City, who are current for all annual personal and real property taxes due to the city on or before December 31st of the previous year, shall be eligible to hold the office of Councilor.

(c) Election and terms. The regular election of municipal officials shall be held on the first Tuesday of November after the first Monday in each year, in the manner provided in Article VII. The terms of municipal officials shall begin the first business day of January.

(d) Officers of City. The members of the City Council shall be and constitute the municipal officers of the City of Caribou for all purposes required by statute.

Please view the calendar for Council meeting dates.

Rules of Procedure in Addressing the City Council

City Council and Contact Information:

Mayor Jody Smith First elected 2018, Current Term ends 12/31/2024

Email: jody.smith

Deputy Mayor Courtney Boma First elected 2020. Current Term ends 12/31/2023

Email: cboma

Councilor Joan Theriault First elected 2012, Current Term ends 12/31/2022

Email: joan.theriault

Phone: 207-498-6405

Councilor R. Mark Goughan First elected 2017. Current Term ends 12/31/2023

Email: mark.goughan

Councilor Doug Morrell First elected 2019, Current Term ends 12/31/2022

Email: dmorrell

Councilor Louella Willey First elected 2020. Current Term ends 12/31/2023

Email: lwilley

Councilor John Morrill First elected 2021. Current Term ends 12/31/2024

Email: jmorrill

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