Caribou Municipal Airport
12 Airport Drive
Caribou, Maine 04736
Penny Thompson, Airport Manager

E-mail: Airport Manager
Phone: (207) 493-5961
Fax: (207) 498-3954

Information for drone operators:

DBE Program Caribou Municipal Airport/ link

The City of Caribou owns the Caribou Municipal Airport. It is located on approximately 220 acres in the north end of the City, approximately half a mile north of the City center. The airport dates back to 1929, when it consisted of two turf strips. The airport currently has two asphalt paved runways: one is 4,003 feet long and 100 feet wide; and the other is 3,017 feet long and 75 feet wide. Both runways have pilot-controlled lighting.

Caribou Municipal Airport is a general aviation airport supporting flying activities conducted by private and business interests. The airport is designated as an Airport of Entry (AOE) by the US Customs Service due to its proximity to the Canadian border. Permission to land from the US Customs Service is not necessary, but a minimum of one hour advance notice is required. To meet this requirement, please call the Fort Fairfield Maine Port of Entry at (207) 473 – 7474 to give notice and receive instructions about completing the online manifest electronically.

Caribou Municipal Airport is designed to serve small aircraft (12,500 lbs. or less) (reference code ARC B-11 aircraft). It will handle approach Category B aircraft with approach speeds of less than 121 knots.

There are two instrument approaches available in poor weather conditions, which provide lateral guidance only. The first is a straight in Global Positioning Satellite approach to Runway 19. It has ceiling and visibility minimums of 600 feet and one mile. The second is a circling approach using the Presque Isle Very High Frequency Omni-Directional Range (VOR) or GPS. Ceiling and visibility minimums for this approach are 700 feet and one mile.

The terminal is located in the eastern portion of the airport property. A 48’x48′ privately owned hangar was constructed in 2000.  The municipality owns two hangars with rental on an annual, monthly or shorter term basis. The 73’x35′ hangar built in 1980 and 150’x60′ T-hangar built in 2018. There is an  Airport Committee of the Caribou City Council as well as a Citizen Airport Advisory Committee. Aircraft fuel (100 LL avgas) is available. The terminal is open during daylight hours and after dark by appointment only.

The airport location is N46.52.59 latitude and W68.01.07 longitude with a field elevation of 626′. The traffic pattern is a standard left hand. Communications frequency: 122.8

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