The Most Northeastern City in the United States.

City Council


By Charter, the Caribou City Council is elected by qualified voters of the City of Caribou at large for a term of three years each. Only qualified voters of the City shall be eligible to hold the office of Councilperson. The regular election of municipal officials is held on the first Tuesday of November after the first Monday in each year and City Councilmen are elected as follows: First City Election – two for three years and two for two years; Second City Election – two for three years. Thereafter, all City Councilmen shall be elected for three-year terms. The terms of municipal officials shall begin the first Monday of January. All powers of the City are vested in the Council except as otherwise provided by law or the City’s Charter. The Council typically meets the second and fourth Monday of the month. Please view the calendar for updated information for Council meeting dates and times.

Rules of Procedure in Addressing the City Council

City Council and Contact Information:

Councilor Gary Aiken, Mayor First elected 2012, Current Term ends 12/31/2017    498-4267

David Martin, Deputy Mayor First elected 2007, Current Term ends 12/31/2019

Councilor Joan Theriault First elected 2012, Current Term ends 12/31/2019    498-6405

Councilor Philip McDonough II First elected 2010, Current Term ends 12/31/2018

Councilor Jody Smith First elected 2015 Current Term ends 12/31/2017

Councilor Timothy Guerrette First elected 2015, Current Term ends 12/31/2018

Councilor Nicole Cote First elected 2017, Current Term ends 12/31/2017


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