The Most Northeastern City in the United States.

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Caribou Municipal Building
25 High Street
Caribou, Maine 04736
Dennis Marker, City Manager
Phone: (207)493-3324
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The City Manager is appointed by a majority vote of the City Council for an indefinite term and is responsible for implementing policy established by the City Council as well as the administration of all City affairs. The Manager oversees and keeps the Council informed of the business, financial condition and future needs of the City.

City Manager’s Annual Report 2017

Caribou is growing.

Being a transplant to the Caribou region I’ve enjoyed getting to know the area and individuals around the community. I’d like to thank the Caribou City Council for hiring me as the City Manager and letting me part of the swelling energy in Maine. Moving my family across the country was difficult but the transition to city management work was made easy thanks to the Council and groundwork provided by the previous manager, Austin Bleess. He was instrumental in hiring great people and starting some great community and tourist attracting events; Thursdays on Sweden and the Caribou Marathon to name a couple. We wish him and his family well as they take on the challenges of extreme Texas heat.

One thing I’ve noticed since moving here is that Northern Aroostook county is one of the most picturesque places I’ve found. Beautiful vistas. Serene river fronts. Wildlife. Forested areas mixed with the sweat of the agricultural industry. Old town centers and small acts of service from one neighbor to another.  I’ve especially appreciated Caribou’s part in that picture.

We are continuing to grow as a great economic center for the region. This is evidenced in large and small ways.

  • Our cultural events bring hundreds of non-residents into the area each year which increases year-round interest and support to local businesses. The City’s Events and Marketing Director, Christina Kane-Gibson, continues building events like a Halloween Carnival, which was attended by residents from many surrounding communities, and partnering with area businesses to promote shop local days experienced by hundreds of people. Through recreation department efforts, Caribou will host 450 riders and their support teams as part of the 2018 Bike Maine events. Sled and ski races are also popping up and drawing interest from out of the state.
  • There is also an increase in entrepreneurial spirit in the area. Several citizen lead coalitions have been formed to foster new business ideas and economic efforts. Because of this enthusiasm, the city’s library has opened a business resource center to help people start their own business and make it sustainable.
  • The new K-8 elementary school is designed and planned to start construction in 2018. This facility will be a flagship for technology and industry for the rising generations and will complement the training available at the technology school already in town.
  • The demand for public safety services is also increasing. The city provides Fire services for five of our surrounding neighbor communities, EMS services for seven communities and backup response for two others. Our police personnel also assist the county and state law enforcement agencies in townships close to us. As the demand for our services increases we must maintain and upgrade our facilities and equipment. In 2018, the city will take a closer look at public safety facility needs.

These are just a few ways in which we are seeing growth in Caribou. The state as a whole is growing. We are attracting new residents and tourists because they also want to be part of the picture. They want to be part of this. This is Maine.

Dennis L. Marker
City Manager