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The City Manager is appointed by a majority vote of the City Council for an indefinite term and is responsible for implementing policy established by the City Council as well as the administration of all City affairs. The Manager oversees and keeps the Council informed of the business, financial condition and future needs of the City.

City Manager’s Annual Report 2018

Harriet Beecher Stowe is attributed with saying, “when you get into a tight place and everything goes against you…never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”

2018 started off in a very tight space with one of the longest and coldest winters in Caribou history. That was followed by the 3rd wettest April in recorded history and a resulting flood season that caused millions of dollars of damage to regional trails, roads, and infrastructure. Eventually the floods subsided and ironically, we then experienced one of the warmest summers ever and broke several temperature records.  All of this is a perfect reminder that the past is no indicator of future returns.

  1. G. Wells once said, “There are two kinds of minds: One, oriented to the past, regards the future as sort of black nonexistence upon which the advancing present will presently write events. The second kind, oriented to the future, is constructive, creative, organizing. It sees the world as one great workshop and the present as no more than materials for the future, for the thing that is yet destined to be.”

In that same spirit, I say that 2018 was a year of great minds working constructively and creatively to build a greater Caribou with an unwillingness to placate the past. The following are major happenings that occurred this year:

  • The Tri-Community land fill merged with the Presque Isle land fill in order improve waste management efforts in the region and create greater efficiencies in service. The efficiencies derived from this effort will help city residents to save long term costs for regional waste management.
  • RSU 39 broke ground on the new K-8 Caribou Community school. This new school will include a technology center to help our youth learn skills in science, technology, math, engineering and the arts. Completion of the school is anticipated for fall 2020. Having this center of learning in Caribou will be a draw for many seeking greater education opportunities for their children and the community.
  • Nylander Museum Board has taken the initiative to turn the museum into a center for experiential learning rather than just a warehouse for a natural history collection. They started youth programs about dinosaurs, bugs, geology, animals, and even host local artists’ works that highlight the beauty of the region. The museum is becoming a more polished gem in the community.
  • The Library is evolving into a true intellectual center. They doubled patronage from 2017 by adding a business resource center for would-be-entrepreneurs, they host writing classes, provide cultural entertainment, and even partnered with the Aroostook Genealogical society to host historic archives for the County. You can’t judge this building by its cover anymore.
  • One of the great additions to the city is Ms. Jordyn’s Preschool which opened on Sweden Street and now provides early education services to over 80 children throughout the year. This required renovation of the old bingo hall and investment into the town core of more than money. This business exhibits hope and faith in our greatest asset for tomorrow; our children.

I look forward to more exciting advances in 2019 and working to build our own, better future.

Dennis L. Marker

Caribou City Manager